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10 Tips to Tackle Common Winter Woes

Snowstorms. Icy roads. That moment of sheer panic when you’re driving behind a sanding truck and your car is pelted with bits of gravel.

As Canadians, many of us suffer through the same #winterproblems year after year. Although we don’t have much control over some of them (here’s looking at you, Mother Nature), there are some we can tackle with triumph.


Do you hate scraping frost off your windows? Lightly spray your windshield with a vinegar and water solution (two parts vinegar with one part water) the night before and leave it on overnight to help prevent the accumulation of frost. Sound like a lot of work? Think again. Once everything is in a spray bottle, you’re ready for the rest of the season – just don’t leave it to freeze overnight in your car.

Are you suffering from toque hair? Try donning a pair of earmuffs instead. You can even get ones that go around the back of your head so they don’t mess with your ‘do. Hoods on jackets are another great hair saver. For ultimate warmth while preserving your luscious locks, try an earmuff and hood combo.

Dreading the thought of shovelling snow? Think of it as a workout. When the snow is too deep or heavy to push, remember to lift with your legs. You’ll master those squats in no time – no gym membership required. Alternatively, you could hire a neighbourhood kid to shovel for you, or you could bribe your significant other.

shovelling snow


Are Christmas cookies and potluck snacks taking over your fridge? Coolers aren’t just a summer camping necessity – fill a cooler with snow to keep your drinks icy cold. You can also put them out on the porch for a while (just don’t forget about them).

Is it dark when you get to work and dark when it’s time to go home? Turn on a sun lamp for 20 to 30 minutes during the day, and make sure you get out in the daylight on the weekends. Not only does the light help keep the winter blues at bay, but it’ll also help with your body’s circadian rhythm – your mind and body will thank you.

Are your lips dry and chapped? In addition to using a gentle lip scrub once a day, make sure you apply lip balm often throughout the day and before bed.

Did you burn your tongue while downing a hot Double Double? Spread vitamin E oil (found at your local drugstore) on the burnt part of your tongue to soothe the pain and speed up the healing process.

Female hands holding hot mug close up. Woman hands in woolen mittens holding a cup with hot cocoa, tea or coffee.


Are you notorious for forgetting to turn your car headlights on or off? For those who don’t have automatic lights, try something as simple as taping a sticky note to your door handle or dashboard with a reminder to check your lights.

Is static making your hair look like you’ve stuck your finger in a light socket? Run a new dryer sheet over the ends of your hair to zap those flyaways.

Did you forget to pick up a new snowbrush? There’s no shame in using your hockey stick as a substitute until you can get to the store. A credit card or gift card also works perfectly for scraping the frost build-up inside your windows.