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5 Essentials for the Perfect “Fam” Cave

Family rooms are frequently hidden deep inside the home, away from prying eyes. Often second to the kitchen as the hub of the home and overshadowed by the popularity of the man cave, we think it’s time this underrated space gets the attention it deserves. Your “fam” cave is a reflection of how your family likes to spend time together. Whether you sit around the fireplace chatting or around the television watching your favourite movie, the key to creating a room the whole family can enjoy is taking main elements and personalizing them to work for you. It’s time to bring the family room back upstairs and flaunt it like a shiny, new Mustang.

Enough Seating for a Hockey Team

Plenty of comfortable seating is probably the most important element of a great “fam” cave. Although you may not host an actual hockey team, you’ll never regret having extra seats when your family visits for the holidays. Sectionals are the perfect way to add a ton of seating without the hassle of coordinating a couch, loveseat and chair. Opt for soft, huggable fabrics, like microfibre, that are stain-resistant and won’t be ruined after one spilled drink. If you have a small or unusually shaped living room, you can design your own sofa to fit the space. Choose your style, configuration and fabric, then you’re ready to go!

Large, grey sectional with throw pillows

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A Little Oomph and a Lot of You

Make your “fam” cave your very own by personalizing it. Your room will be truly spectacular when there’s something for everyone.

High heel shoe chair

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Fun, kid-friendly seating is a great way to add character and invite the little ones to spend time in the room. This cool shoe chair adds a pop of personality and an inviting place for both children and teens to relax. You could also opt for some bean bag chairs or colourful floor pillows.

Don’t forget about the adults when it comes to fun. A mini fridge keeps adult-only beverages close. A classic “dad chair” instantly adds the irresistible feeling of comfort and affection, like being wrapped in a bear hug. Or if you’re a collector, add shelves to display your prized Pez dispenser collection.

Storage Goes a Long Way

No one likes to come home to a messy house. Add storage pieces to your living room to make cleaning a breeze. When your room looks put together, you’ll be more inclined to relax rather than create a mental chore list.

Storage ottoman

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Create a functional space with pieces that do double duty. Storage ottomans are great for tucking away extra pillows and blankets while offering additional seating or table space. Lift-top coffee tables offer a flat surface for drinks and playing cards, but open to reveal toys and games for the kids. Wrangle pens, batteries, TV remotes and more by selecting furniture with drawers or other storage options.

Bookcases are perfect for showing off anything from your infamous board game collection to your favourite books, movies or decor. Display vintage family toys or heirlooms among your shelves for a truly unique look.

Light It Up

Set the mood with the right lighting. Add lamps with multiple brightness settings so you can turn down the lights for family movie night or illuminate the space for arts and crafts. Lamps with multiple lights offer a flexible way to direct light to multiple spots in the room, while adding character to your space.

Get Productive with a Workspace

Not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room to a home office, so adding a nook in the family room is a creative way to incorporate that function. A full desk with plenty of storage for work papers and kids’ homework or crafts will maximize your workspace. Alternatively, you can convert a sofa table into a great workstation. Opting for one with a drawer gives you a place to tuck pens and papers away, while providing enough space to set up your laptop. Add a stylish chair and you have a magazine-worthy workspace that’s actually functional.

Home office interior

Add the Finishing Touches

Make your “fam” cave your very own by adding decor that represents your family. Hang picture frame collages with your kids’ artwork or create a rotating gallery wall. Create a unique space by changing out the area rug, adding some accent pillows or hanging art on the walls. Personal touches like family photos and a place for your pup’s bed make the space feel even more personal.

Admire Your Work

Now that you’ve taken the time to carefully select pieces for your “fam” cave, don’t forget to admire and enjoy your work. Kick back and relax with your family in your new living space.