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Brick Rad Dads: Fatherly Tips for First-Time Buyers

The card is filled out with heartfelt sentiment, and a gift is bought and ready to give – it’s the time of year to honour Dad.

Throughout the years he’s taught us a lot, told some jokes that fell flat and offered advice we weren’t ready to hear. Despite forging our own way and often ignoring his advice – sometimes to our own detriment – he was always there to help. If only we had realized in the first place that Dad certainly knows best!

In honour of Father’s Day, we spoke to our Brick Dads to find out what advice they had for first time home furnishings buyers. With twelve kids in the bunch, these Bricks Dads are no strangers to giving advice. They are also genuine experts – these four fathers buy The Brick’s upholstery, mattresses, appliances and electronics.

The Brick's buying team: Steve - Mattresses; Terry - Electronics; Doug - Appliances; Gary - Upholstery

The Number One Consideration for First-Time Buyers

All four of The Brick’s Rad Dads agree that cost should be the main consideration when buying anything for the first time.

But sometimes the lowest priced item isn’t what will save you the most money in the long run.

Steve and Terry suggest that moderately priced mattresses and TVs are worth the initial investment. “Spending more now guarantees the longevity of the mattress and means that you won`t need a new one every few years,” says Steve. Terry adds, “TVs should be bought with technology in mind, as low-cost TVs become obsolete quickly.”

So when is it smarter to shop for a lower-priced model?

Both Gary and Doug view lower cost upholstery and appliances as the superior option for the first-time buyer. Gary wisely indicates, “Young people are at a stage of flexibility and shouldn’t be tied down financially.” Doug quips with classic Dad sensibility, “Both a high-end fridge and a low-end fridge cool food.”

Product Picks from the Brick’s Rad Dads

Buyer's Choice: Collage of product picks from The Brick's buying team

Following their own advice, each dad chose an item that would be a great addition to anyone’s first home.

Upholstery:  Gary suggests both the Myer sofa and Paris sectional. Each comes in a variety of colours to suit any personality without compromising comfort.

Electronics: To accompany your sofa or sectional, Terry recommends a Samsung 55-inch UHD TV. It’s a smart TV with ultra-high-definition (UHD) picture quality, so you won’t feel like you’re watching a television with bunny ears.

Appliances: For the kitchen, Doug chooses the functional Frigidaire refrigerator. He also recommends one of the affordable Hisense stainless steel fridges for the more style-conscious.

Mattresses: Lastly, Steve suggests something from the Serta Perfect Sleeper collection. These are really comfortable mattress sets which deliver much more comfort and craftsmanship than their modest price tag suggests, helping anyone find their perfect sleep setup.

The Best Time of Year to Buy

In typical Dad fashion, our Brick Rad Dads had a lot more advice to give. For most categories, they agree that there is no specific time of year to buy. But keep an eye out for special promotions throughout the year. Terry added, “For TVs, spring is a good time to get deals on year-end clearance models, and the fall is best for new models which become more competitively priced at this time.” Finally, Gary advises, “Nothing lasts forever. If there is something that you absolutely must have, don’t wait!”

Also, first-time purchasers should take their time when making a decision, especially when buying a mattress. Likely remembering his fair share of late nights with kids, Steve cautions, “Nothing is more important than sleep. Take your time to choose the right feel – firm or plush – and you’ll be happy you did.”

What Do All The Brick Dads Agree On?

Regardless of what you decide to buy, these Dads have a snippet of life advice to share. They all agree – which rarely occurs – that you should never live beyond your means. Buy a house that you can afford and furnish it with items that don’t break the bank.

What if you need a little help from the lenders? Doug adds that if you need to finance a purchase, equal monthly payments are better for the first-time buyer. He shares, “If you finance with a do-not-pay offer because you think you’ll have the funds, you may be surprised once the term runs out. Life happens. And saving is harder than you think it will be.”

On Being a Dad

All of this advice confirms that dads are a great means of information for all of life’s important milestones. They may have earned their wisdom through experience, but they share it because they care.

These dads know that the best part of being a dad is absolutely everything. Terry shares, “To me there is no bigger accomplishment in life.” Doug smiles candidly, “No one will ever be closer to you than your kids, and you will never have a better friend.”

So the next time your Dad has advice to give, take the time to listen. You may be glad you did. From The Brick Family to yours, Happy Father’s Day!