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Dad’s Dream List 2016: Lounging Around

Why is Dad so hard to shop for?

We really want to get him something he’ll love this year, and we wish he’d just drop us some hints already.

With Father’s Day less than two weeks away, we need gift ideas and we need them fast.


But this morning we noticed something a little odd: While taking out the recycling, Dad left a Brick flyer on the table.

Dad’s always dropping things – his glasses, his marbles, the beat – so we didn’t think too much of it. But on closer inspection, we noticed some items circled in chunky red marker. Could it be? A message from the dad gods!

Check out these dad-approved gifts that will be sure to please even the pickiest of papas.

From All of UsEPMA10K_massage

Dad will covet this king of recliners. It almost makes up for every broken vase, scratched fender and middle-of-the-night phone call when you were young. Dad can watch the game highlights while relishing a well-deserved foot and back massage at the end of a long day. Good luck stealing Dad’s chair now!

Ssh! Your Father’s Napping

powerliftRemember to take your kiddos outside to play while Dad, a.k.a. “Grandpa,” takes a rest in this soft power recliner with extra-cushiony armrests. After napping in full recline and awakening groggy-eyed and hungry he can use the quiet, remote-controlled lift to ease himself out of his chair – and towards the snack cupboard.

Where’s Eddie?

Dad’s loyal lounger has so many stains, splits and strips of duct tape his friends joke it looks like something off the set of Frasier. Upgrade his seat to this super-cushy recliner 7726LOPR_powerlaythat’ll lie perfectly flat for one of his signature afternoon naps. That is unless you think he’d prefer one of these other designer recliners that massage, swivel or rock. Spoiler alert: you might become Dad’s new favourite!

Proud Papa

Sitting in Dad’s lap and reading Goodnight Moon is a cherished memory you want to share with your own children. Pull up the ottoman on this comfortable reclining chair when it’s time for bedtime stories, and then use the 360-degree swivel to rock your little ones gently up-and-down, side-to-side as they drift into dreamland.FLYNN-AC_recliner



“My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass.”  “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply. “We’re raising boys.””

– Harmon Killebrew


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