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Dad’s Dream List 2016: Man Cave Must-Haves

Dad’s odd behaviour continues.

First he was leaving Brick flyers around. Now he’s been posting up a storm on Facebook.

Just this morning, he invited us to like The Brick on Facebook. Then he proceeded to take the “What Kind of Dad Are You?” quiz four times and post the results to our wall. I think he’s trying to tell us something – that, or we need to show him how to use Facebook again.

For whatever kind of dad you have in your life, here are some ideas to make him feel as thankful as he was the day you were born.

“You Got: The Perfect-Host Dad”

For whiskey aficionados or wine enthusiasts alike, this unfolding bar is a great addition to your favourite hangout. You’ll appreciate the sturdy, solid pine construction – plus, it gives you a place to show off your bartending skills on poker night. The bar features plenty of room to store wine and liquor, while the shelves and racks let you keep the right glasses close at hand. After all, what’s Scotch without the perfect Glencairn glass?solid pine unfolding bar

Whether you enjoy your drinks neat or on the rocks, start practicing your “al-cohol you back” joke for when your kids call to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Aim for the biggest “Daaaaaaaaad” yet!

“You Got: The Well-Hydrated Dad”

Keep your cold ones out of the hands of thirsty thieves with this lockable mini fridge. As a parent, you can attest to the quick hands of little kids and hungry mouths of university students. You’ll be able to keep your drinks within arm’s reach and under lockdown whether your drink of choice is a chilled Labatt Blue or refreshing iced tea. With the fridge’s compact design, you can enjoy a cool drink anywhere from the garage to the basement.


“You Got: The Tech-Loving Dad”

You have a phone, tablet, smartwatch and just about every accessory out there – what else could your kids possibly get their gadget-obsessed dad? Not only does this sleek TV stand hold your big screen television, but you’ll love the built-in wireless Bluetooth soundbar. Why’s that? Because you can connect your phone to the speaker and blast your favourite Nickelback album (if that’s your thing).tv-stand

Or you can enjoy the latest James Bond movie the way it was meant to be enjoyed thanks to the precise sound of the six-speaker soundbar. Plus, the hidden shelves give you enough room to set up your entire home theatre system and keep messy cables out of sight.

“You Got: The He-Has-Everything Dad”

Do you already have the perfect dad chair? Pass the hint along for its perfect companion: a power-connected table will make your relaxation station top-notch. Keep your devices charged thanks to the built-in power strip and USB port. Even you “all work, no play” dads can kick back and relax while your laptop recharges. A convenient pull-out shelf offers an extra place to set the day’s newspaper and leaves the tabletop free for your coffee and honey dip donut.



“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano


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