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Dad’s Dream List 2016: Tech Toys

As Father’s Day draws even nearer, Dad’s weird antics continue.

First he forgot to take out the recycling. Then he was uncharacteristically active on social media.

It would have been strange enough had things stopped there. But over these past two days he has pocket dialed us four times. Four times.

And each time we caught Dad in the middle of a conversation about The Brick. Just a random occurrence, or Dad’s way of sending some not-so-subtle hints? Either way, we’ve banked even more great gift ideas for this holiday weekend.

Incoming Call: Musical Memories

“Kids these days, with their rock ‘n’ roll music and their vinyl records. When we were their age, we saved up for a CD player or a tape deck, which cost about $700 at the time. Thank goodness for progress, eh?

“Boy, I miss those times. It sure would be nice if we had something to play back all of those musical memories. Something that could play all those CDs we got from the Record of the Month club and those mixed tapes we made for family road trips. Something that would let us tune into a hockey game or listen to some radio hits as we got ready in the morning. And if it could come all in one package with a wood frame and a handsome cherry stain, well that would be music to my ears.

“Does such a fantastical device exist…preferably at The Brick and for under $150…?

Incoming Call: Family by the Fireside

“Can you believe it’s June? I feel like the summer is already starting to wind down. By the time I finally get the yard landscaped and the patio set up, it will almost be fall.

“Our neighbours, the Joneses, seem to have a smart idea. They bought one of those portable fire tables from The Brick. You pop in a propane tank and just like that you get a portable fire pit – no need to dig up a hole in the backyard. Makes it easier to mow the lawn, too.

“We saw them last year outside with their grandkids, sipping hot chocolate under the stars. Speaking of keeping up with the Joneses – we should invite them over for dinner.”

Incoming Call: Climate Control

“Last night it was so hot. How hot was it? It was so hot…I couldn’t sleep. No joke.”

**muffled talking**

“Why don’t I get an air conditioner? I’m glad you asked. For starters, an air conditioner only cools the air. The rest of the time it just sits around taking up space.  And no one wants to rig one up in the window or pay for installation.”

**more muffled talking**

“So you’re saying that The Brick sells a portable unit that’s both an air conditioner and a heater? What a time to be alive! I can keep toasty in the winter and stay cool in the summer. Heck, if it’s portable, that means I can use it anywhere around the house. And it even has a remote control, you say…”

Incoming Call: TV Utopia

“Some of my favourite moments as a father have been at home sitting on the couch, watching TV with my kids. I would be master of the remote control, of course, carefully scrolling through the channels and giving each program slow, careful consideration before settling on something the kids wanted to see. What noble sacrifice!

“Now that the kids have moved out, I can finally splurge on my dream TV. I was at The Brick the other day talking to their electronics experts. They said that if I was the kind of guy who bought a plasma TV back in the day, then an OLED TV delivers all the same things I had hoped for when I made that purchase.

“There was one 55-inch model with a curved screen that really caught my eye. Talk about wow factor! The best picture I’ve ever seen. And all of today’s top features. I bet I could even use this new smartphone of mine to interact with it. Oh, looks like I’m getting a phone call…”



“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”

– Mark Twain (attrib.)


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