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DIY Mommy: The Man Cave Makeover

Imagine a dark, drab room decked out with an puffy, old leather sofa.

Do you have one in mind?

Mismatched furniture collected throughout the years creates the ambience of this space – disjointed and lacking style. For many, the room where style always finishes last is the man cave, or theatre room.

For those who don’t want to resign themselves to man cave that disregards the details, it is possible to reach a compromise. A man cave doesn’t have to be just about the latest high-tech electronics; it can also be about creating a unique space with decor that men and women alike will love.

Recently, Christina Dennis – style expert and DIY guru – had the opportunity to design a man cave for her husband in which she was able to reach this ideal compromise.

Full room

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Christina debunked the common misconception that man caves must lack style by creating a modern, Trekkie-themed theatre room. The DIYer suggests that the most important element of style for any room is consistency. She says, “I think it’s important to choose a colour scheme and stick to it. This helps the room look stylish and cohesive.”

For this room, she stuck to a colour scheme of dark blues, greys and burnt orange. A thin, blue onyx stone panel was used as wall art against a muted grey wall. These masculine finishes accented the modern feel of the space, which Christina was able to create using a variety of style elements.

marble slab

Image courtesy of Therrien Photography.

“To make this room feel modern, we used lots of simple shapes (the square sectional and the square artwork), chrome accents (the sectional legs, the artwork trim, accents in the bar area) and a dark, mostly monochromatic colour scheme.”

Dispersed throughout the room were subtle hints of Trekkie-themed decor, including a spaceship figurine and a galactic nebula accent pillow. Aside from the latest and greatest electronics, the Trekkie theme was essential in creating a space that her husband would love. For those looking to create a themed man cave without going overboard, Christina has this advice:

“I don’t think you have to recreate a theme in an extremely obvious way. Choose one or two elements from your inspiration that you want to use in a room. Instead of plastering the theatre room walls with Star Trek posters and recreating the Enterprise deck, we chose to pull a colour scheme and finishes inspired by outer space. Don’t forget to have a little fun, though! One or two accents that spark a conversation – like our nebula pillow and little Enterprise figurine – can make a room more personal.”

nebula pillow and spaceship

Images courtesy of The DIY Mommy.

Aside from style, no man cave makeover would be complete without the essentials. Christina’s must-haves include a comfy place to sit, a high-tech entertainment wall with a TV and sound system, and a bar area for snacks.


Image courtesy of Therrien Photography.

When choosing some of the essentials, Christina left the decisions up to her husband. She explains, “My husband chose the electronics, and his main considerations were a receiver that had Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 with presence speakers. He’d wired his room for this speaker-receiver combo, and it would allow for future expansion. He also wanted the biggest speakers he could manage for both the front and back of the room. Comfort and colour were important for the sofa, and the TV is 4K, which is on the high end of today’s televisions.”

Her husband couldn’t be happier with the sound system and has admitted it’s his favourite item in the room. Meanwhile, her favourite is the Zane sectional. With his love of function and her love of style, it’s evident these two have reached an ideal compromise in their man cave makeover.

For those looking to give their own man cave or theatre room a makeover, Christina has listed some of her favourite items that can be found at The Brick:

DIY Man Cave Products

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