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Make Your Mattress Live Longer

You’ve done your research, you’ve looked into what mattress best suits you and you’ve finally chosen your perfect sleep set. Congratulations!

Metal Bed Frame

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Once you own your new mattress set, the last thing you want to worry about is being forced to replace it a couple years later. And if the damage to your new bed is a result of not following the requirements of your mattress guarantee, replacing the set could be a costly and frustrating experience.

So how do you avoid this predicament? What do mattress manufacturers insist you need to do to keep your warranty intact?

While the specifics will vary from brand to brand, there are two primary conditions almost all of them require – a proper bed frame and a durable mattress protector.

Protect the Bed’s Centre

The most important part of any mattress warranty relates to what kind of bed frame you use. Most mattress guarantees require a frame with a centre support, especially for king and queen sets.

Establishing a centre support for your mattress makes sense – most people tend to sleep in the middle of their bed. And if you’re sharing your bed, both of you will roll into the middle when there is no centre support to keep the mattress from sagging.

A bed frame with centre legs and rods across the width of the mattress not only maintains a valid warranty, it is also a good idea just to get a proper night’s rest.


Image courtesy of The Brick.

Should you have a slat or platform bed, please see your individual mattress warranty for more information about reinforcing the centre support to retain a valid warranty. Some warranties only require the frame to have one leg plus several wood slats, while others state proper mattress support requires three centre legs and a platform.

If you don’t already have a warrantable bed frame at home, using a basic metal bed frame is the easiest route to go. Most metal frames will come with a centre bar containing one to three footings, giving your mattress the necessary support. If you are unsure about your bed frame or need a new one, visit any Brick store for more information.

Spills Spoil the Mattress

Life happens when you least expect it. Whether it’s your cat knocking over a glass of water next to your bed, your child having an accident in the middle of the night or even your teenager dropping a bottle of nail polish, there are many different ways spills can ruin your mattress.

Mattress Protector

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Spilled liquid don’t just stain the fabric – the moisture and fine particles find their way into your mattress’ foam and possibly the springs. From there, all those cushy materials can degrade faster, develop mould or even create interesting smells that will never go away.

Without a mattress protector to save the day, such mishaps could void your warranty and leave you with no one to help you get a new sleep set. The majority of covers will feature some kind of water-resistant backing, in addition to materials that help wick moisture and heat away from the surface.

Most mattress warranties explicitly state they will not cover damages from fluids that find their way onto your bed, and mattress protectors are designed to keep this from happening. Should your liquids get through all those layers, your protector should have its own warranty to take care of your mattress if their product fails.

But mattress protectors aren’t just handy for accidental spills:

  • Sleep with a sweaty partner? A cover will ensure body perspiration won’t get into the mattress materials.
  • Allergic to dust? Use the protector to help keep allergy triggers such as dust mites away from your sleep space.
  • Don’t want bed bugs coming home with your university student? Some mattress protectors can even help keep bed bugs out of a sleep set, which is perfect for the student in your life.

When choosing a mattress protector, it’s important to make sure your cover will meet both your bed size and thickness. Since some pillow-top and Euro-top mattresses can be upwards of 16 or 20 inches deep, making sure the protective covering will stay on the mattress is vital to maintain the warranty.

While you may look at these recommendations and think “I don’t need to worry about losing my warranty. I’ve never had anything bad happen before,” it takes only one spill or a saggy centre to spoil your new mattress set.

Check out The Brick’s warranty-friendly mattress accessories to shield your bed from harm, or learn about our extended mattress warranty and 180-day mattress comfort guarantee.