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Style Primer: Glamour

Lights. Camera. Action!

Embrace the luxurious world of glamour decor. If you’re a fan of lush fabrics, extravagant furniture, glittering metallic accents and dramatic flair, then you’ll be star struck by this design genre.

blog-glamourWhat is Glamour?

This ritzy home decor approach began during what is now called the Hollywood Regency era of the 1930s. Also known as Hollywood’s golden age or classical Hollywood, this timeline spans from 1930 to 1959.

Designers such as William Haines and Dorothy Draper were inspired by the movie sets of the era, which sought to make people the centre of a well-designed space. By blending together characteristics from styles such as neoclassical and art deco, these pioneers established glamour decor as immaculate, graceful and awe-inspiring. Movies that embody this style include The Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What Does This Style Look Like?

Think traditional luxury meets modern shine. Sumptuous fabrics, gold and silver generously strewn throughout the room, large statement furniture, and mirrors on both walls and accents are just some of the hallmarks you should look for when shopping for glamour decor pieces.

For motivation, imagine legendary actresses like Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn – in what kind of room would they welcome guests? Where would they sleep? If you can visualize them alongside your decor, then consider yourself on the right track.

Key Traits of Glamour Decor

Stately Furniture

Trieste_BedChoose major furniture pieces with imposing, palatial style. Look for articles featuring a lot of tufting, lavishly soft fabrics and items that can almost take over a room. If you want a couch for your living room, leather and faux leather fabrics work just as well as velvet, microsuede or chenille. In your bedroom, get a bed with a grandiose headboard – the bigger, the better.

Favourite Example: For the bedroom, this Trieste bed in buckwheat is perfectly cast as the lead. With plentiful button-tufting on the head- and footboards, this luxe resting space also features elegant nailheads outlining the curves.

Mirrors Off the Wall

Enna_CabinetMirrors are not just for walls. Seek side tables, dressers and other accent pieces lined with mirrors. Not only will they provide sparkle and shine to your space, but they can help a smaller room look larger thanks to the reflective surfaces.

Favourite Example: This Enna accent cabinet is a perfect choice for any room in your home. Use it as a bedside table, or slip it next to the sofa to enliven your space. You could even place it in a hallway or sitting nook to hold household essentials with style.

Let Metallics Shine

Long coveted for their rarity and illuminating shine, metals such as gold and silver add an air of extravagance to any setting. Whether it’s the gilded outline of your storage drawers, silvery legs of an accent table or a combination of the two tones throughout your room, glamour just isn’t the same without metallics.

Whiteland_artFavourite Example: Covered with Plexiglas® and resting on a cream-coloured background, the trees of this Whiteland art piece are layered with real gold leaf for a shimmering effect. Hang this piece over your bed to increase the magnificence of your bedroom, or place it above your living room furniture to capture attention.

Fluffy and Plush

Shag_RugTextures are a staple of this flamboyant trend. Furry throw pillows, shaggy area rugs or a well-placed animal print would not go amiss in your glam environment. Or go in another direction and look for soft and slinky materials, such as velvety comforters and luscious silks.

Favourite Examples: Adding something as simple as an off-white shag area rug can be the instant pop of glamour your room desires. Fluffy fibre strands instantly soften the look of any room while keeping your toes cushioned and cozy.

Dramatic Lighting

Crystal_LampsHollywood has always known the value of good lighting. Keep this in mind when setting the mood in your space. Large, ornate chandeliers can be placed anywhere in your home – over the dining table, at the centre of your bedroom ceiling or even at the entrance to your abode. If chandeliers don’t work, look for lamps that proclaim “I’m ready for my close up.”

Favourite Example: Place this set of crystal table lamps anywhere you need a touch of the sensational. Whether you set them on either side of your couch, your bed or your hallway, these lamps will radiate both light and drama wherever you need.

Want more glamorous furniture and accents? Pore over The Brick’s selection and find the perfect pieces to make your home movie-star perfect.

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