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Subtle Canadian Style, Part 2: More Nature, More Love

Last time we shared some decorating themes that would help you display your Canadian pride without your home looking like one of Don Cherry’s jackets.

True Canadian style is about paying homage to the unique treasures this land has to offer while staying characteristically humble.

Now we’ve got two more styles to share, inspired by the Great White North. Bring the glorious monuments of Canadian nature to any living space with simple accent pieces that won’t overwhelm your space.

Captivating Badlands

Flattering any living space with bold, warm hues, these accents mimic the sandy desert of Canada’s badlands and promise scientific curiosity.

Captivating Badlands Home Accents from The Brick

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Wondrous Mountains

Structured and grand, these bright accessories shine a spotlight on Canada’s grand and majestic mountain ranges with subtle strength.

Wondrous Mountains Home Accents from The Brick

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