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Subtle Canadian Style (You Won’t Say “Sorry” For)

But you probably still will. Because Canada.


We Canadians are proud of where we come from. But we are also known around the world for being polite and humble. We need a way to show our love for this land while staying true to our national character.

There are simple ways to pay homage to our home and native land without surrounding ourselves with jars of maple syrup, pictures of Mounties and little moose figurines (even though we kinda love them).

So if you want to represent the best of what this nation has to offer, here’s how to get an “Eh”-Plus: Surround yourself with the essence of Canada’s vast and beautiful wilderness with accent pieces that won’t overwhelm your space.

Grand National Forests

Whether you love camping or prefer “glamping,” these decorative tributes to one of our largest natural resources will make you feel at one with nature in the comfort of your home.


Grand National Forests Home Accents from The Brick


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Dazzling Waters

With hints of river rocks, ocean waves and rippling lake waters, these pieces honour another of our largest natural resources with calm patterns and cool tones.

Dazzling Waters Home Accents from The Brick


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