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Your Ultimate Guide to Hiding Snacks at Home

It’s been a long day and you’re ready to relax. Since 3 p.m., you’ve fantasized about changing into your loosest clothing, sipping on something cold and digging into a bag of chips. And not just any bag of chips – they’re the gourmet ones you’re normally too practical to pay the extra $2 for, except this time you finally put your own needs first. You’ve earned this break.

But when you get home, your fantasy unravels as you spot a line of empty drink cans sitting by the sink and a hollow ice cream container in the trash. And your gourmet chips? They’ve been devoured by a hungry teenager who now stands shrugging and dumbstruck at what just happened.

Moochers and snack stealers can strike at any time. To prevent such a nightmare from befalling you, The Brick’s Experts have gathered the best advice for keeping your treasured treats hidden from hungry snack hunters.


Hiding Small Dry Goods

Hide Them in a Cereal Box

Do you enjoy a brand of cereal no one else in your household will eat? This could become your go-to secret storage spot. Small bags of chips and Halloween candies are the perfect size to fit underneath the cereal bag, at the bottom of the box. Cereal is usually light enough to keep your crispy treats from getting crushed, making it the ideal cover.

Hide Them in an Off-Season Coat

What are your winter coats doing in August? If they’re not holding your favourite coffee pods or cans of frosting, then they aren’t being used to their full potential. Place a shopping bag around the hanger to disguise larger items in bulkier coats.

Hide Them in a Book Safe

Got a dusty volume you haven’t touched since Paul Martin was prime minister? Then you’ve got the perfect candy bar hideaway.

Using a craft knife or box cutter, slice out a rectangle on one page about a quarter of the way through the book, then use this cut-out to remove further sections until the compartment is deep enough to hold your snack of choice. If the book feels flimsy, use a glue stick to reinforce the remaining pages.

Several potato chips isolated on white background


Hiding Large Dry Goods

Divide into Smaller Portions

A bulk box of your favourite granola bars might be too large to hide out of sight, and it could be more tempting for snack thieves who might assume you won’t notice if one or two or 10 go missing. In cases like these, re-sealable bags are your friend. Split up the bigger box into a bunch of smaller baggies and hide them throughout the house, hedging your treasures so you always have some when needed.

Hide Them in Unused Pillow Covers

A bag of chips disappears neatly into the empty pillow cover on the top shelf of the linens closet. Just be careful not to sit on it after.

Piece of cheese with tomato and lettuce on a white background

Hiding Perishables

Because these items need to remain chilled, they are the hardest to hide. The best way to stash the $15 section of fancy cheese or leftover slice of cake is to disguise them as unwanted leftovers. Use a non-see-through container and top it with aluminum foil or whatever adornment your family uses to display its three-day-old casserole. Even better, disguise them in something that remains untouched in your fridge for months (e.g. baking soda boxes, tubs of powdered greens) to ensure they won’t be thrown out.


Hiding Cans and Bottles

Hide Them in Tall Vases

That vase you have with the collection of sticks in it – it kinda fades into the background, doesn’t it? This makes it a perfect place to stash that blue label whiskey or bottle of burgundy from roommates with refined tastes.

Hide Them in Holiday Decoration Boxes

Who checks the Halloween props and Christmas decorations in the off-season? Your empty Christmas tree box is not only a good place to hide gifts, but the ideal spot to stash a case of cold ones.

chocolate ice cream bar with nuts

Hiding Your Frozen Treats

Of course, some of our best snacks won’t survive for long at room temperature. Fortunately, freezable goods are probably the easiest to disguise from snooping snackers.

In fact, the author is currently indulging in a deluxe ice cream bar he cleverly stashed away. How did he do it, you ask?

Every freezer has an item in the stage between abandonment and disposal, those frost-bitten foods with zero appeal to hungry hunters looking for a cold and sugary treat. A box of spinach. A container of pie crusts. A frost-covered, re-sealable bag of frozen peas and carrots. When the new supply of popsicles or ice cream cups arrives, sneak a few into your chosen storage spot and no one will be the wiser. Just be sure to eat them before the next great freezer purge!


Other Tips for Hiding Your Favourite Snacks

Avoid Repurposing Routinely Used Items

A box of light bulbs is a good place to hide mini chocolate bars until your 60 watt burns out. The tool box conceals beef jerky until your new Brick furniture needs assembling. Fortunately, you’re the perfect judge to determine which hiding places are the least likely to be acknowledged until moving day.

Use a Decoy

Once you’ve found your missing keys, what do you do? You stop looking. You certainly don’t go on searching for other, better keys.

Dad knows the best way to keep his $12 craft beers out of sight from his thirsty adult children is to make sure the mini-fridge raiders are first enticed by a dollar brew. A box of ice cream sandwiches with two remaining cleverly conceals the 10 hidden in the bag of frozen mangoes.

Don’t Use Appliances Needing Prep Time

Sure, the oven might seem like a big space to hide your bag of tortilla chips. Especially if you’re the only person who cooks. Same goes for the barbecue or kettle. However, you need to ruin only one anniversary gift in your washing drum before you realize this clever idea is really a disaster waiting to happen. Just don’t.

Careful Not to Forget Your Loot

So many of the best treasure hunt stories involve pirates separated from their hidden bounty. The last thing you need is to store a special treat and forget about it entirely. To prevent memory from letting you down, set a cell phone reminder for sometime before the expiry date.

Go Forth and Guard Your Goodies!

That’s all the advice for now. What, did you think we were gonna give away all our best hiding spots?

But we hope these tips will help you keep your prized loot safe. Just remember to think of us next time you’re sitting back and savouring your secret snacks.