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White Works: 3 Reasons We Love This Decorating Staple

The first weekend of September and all of its long weekend glory has passed, leaving you with only the beginnings of lingering doubt. You cozy up in a white knit sweater on your sofa, which prominently displays your favourite white throw pillows, and debate whether you have committed an unforgivable style crime. “No white after Labour Day!” your conscience nags. Nonetheless, maybe some rules are meant to be broken.

Looking at the DIY Mommy’s recent guest cottage makeover, where black and white took centre stage, it is evident that white works – especially when you’re not playing by the rules. Whether it’s a cozy living room, a quaint cottage kitchen or a monochromatic bedroom, this colour does not disappoint.

Find out why we love this decorating staple, and get tips from The DIY Mommy, Christina Dennis, on artfully incorporating white into your next home decorating project.

White Is Versatile

Are you a novice home decorator aspiring to style like the pros? Do you regularly switch out your home decor to keep up with the latest style trends? Not sure where to start on your next home revamp, and need a blank slate? The good news is white goes with anything, so the possibilities are endless. Stick to this striking neutral shade for furniture like the Bridgeport bed or this textured throw pillow and your next style switch-up will be a breeze.


If you want to have a little fun with your white space, you can always turn to the advice of a pro.

DIY MOMMY TIP: “Here’s the secret I’ve found when decorating in all neutrals like this: layer on the textures and patterns. By introducing a variety of textures and patterns, this space still has life and interest.”


White Acts as a Backdrop for Statement Pieces

There’s a reason why gallery walls are painted stark white – to contrast the pieces on display and help them pop! Similarly, white walls or cabinets can make your favourite home decor item stand out. In Christina’s guest cottage, the Pinnadel bar stools stand in eye-catching contrast to the bright white of the kitchen island. The barstools create a farmhouse feel and the white backdrop guarantees you take notice.


Statement makers weren’t limited to the kitchen in this guest cottage. The Chandler coat cabinet contrasts beautifully against the cottage’s white walls, creating a uniquely defined space in an open concept entryway.


For those who would rather use white decor as the focal point in a space, The DIY Mommy highly recommends functionality.

DIY MOMMY TIP: “Not only is white a great blank slate for statement pieces to shine, but white is crisp and beautiful on its own. When white furniture is the statement piece in a room, choose materials that are durable and easy to care for, like leather. It’s a practical choice for families with young children and pets.”

white leather couch

White Makes Any Space Look Brighter and Larger

Whether you feel cramped in a small apartment or have square footage to spare, any space can benefit from a glimmer of light.  Softer colours are reflective, thereby magnifying the room’s natural light and giving the illusion of openness.


Not satisfied white walls are enough to enlarge your charming space? Christina has some more tricks for your arsenal:

DIY MOMMY TIP: “Keep accent colours minimal – consider a monochromatic colour scheme so that the room doesn’t feel too busy. Also, similar tones of the same colour [like the bright white of the bed frame and the warm white of the walls] can make a room look a lot larger than it actually is.”


It’s undeniable that white works! From being the most versatile option in your next style endeavour, to creating the illusion of space, white gets the job done the whole year round. So throw caution to the wind and get inspired with some of these options for wonderful whites:

Bray Accent Cabinet
Bray Accent Cabinet - Ivory

Tillie Pouf
Tillie Pouf

Catonia Computer Desk
Catonia Computer Desk

Bexley Office Chair
Bexley Office Chair - White

Hancock Park 7-Piece Dining Package
White Dining Table Set - Hancock Park


DIY Mommy Christina Dennis


The DIY Mommy, Christina Dennis